They’re Here! Organic Heirloom Seeds for Fall Planting

We are so proud to offer our community a great selection of organic open-pollinated heirloom seeds from the good folks at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange!
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (SESE) is a small worker-owned and worker-run seed company specializing in organic open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.  The seed company started in 1982 as an outgrowth of a love affair with heirloom varieties and in seed saving. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange had its beginning in a small family garden and a kitchen co-opted for seed processing. The kitchen garden has since expanded to numerous growing areas supplemented by a nationwide seed grower network. Now the seed company has its own office, germination testing facility, and environmentally controlled seed storage areas. From the beginning they have believed that the seed company serves: (1) as a source for new, high performance varieties, and (2) most importantly, as a preservation tool for collecting and distributing varieties with special qualities: varieties with heritage, flavor, disease resistance, or other qualities of interest to gardeners.

Check out these photos of some of the organic, heirloom veggies you can grow from the SESE seeds we currently have in-stock at Earth Pets Organic for fall planting

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