Trade in – Trade up! Bring your brand and trade-up to ours for a FREE bag of all-natural holistic pet food!

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For a FREE bag of Dog or Cat Food!

For the month of April, you can bring in any bag of pet food that we do not sell and we will give you a small bag of all-natural pet food for your dog or cat!

This trade-in will cost you nothing and the value of the trade-up in quality of food will have your dog or cat jumping for joy. Let us talk with you about the value of the quality ingredients and processing in the foods we carry, and have the first few meals “on the house”.    Just bring in any size of any brand of dog or cat food that we do not sell and we will give you a bag of Canidae (for your dog) or Felidae (for your cat) all-natural pet food TOTALLY FREE!

The Trade-in Trade-up rules are simple:

Offer only good in-store at Earth Pets Organic Feed & Garden at 404 NW 10th ave Gainesville, Fl

The food you want to trade must be a brand we do not currently sell.  For a list of the brands we do sell, check out

This trade-in special is only for dry pet food: any size and any brand as long as it’s not a brand we sell

It doesn’t matter to us if the bag you trade is full or already open; either way, we’ll make the trade-up

All fresh, unopened bags of pet food traded in to us will be donated to local pet rescue organizations in need of free pet food

All Trade-Ups are for a 5# bag of Canidae for dogs/puppies or a 4# bag of Felidae for cats/kittens

That’s it!  No hidden costs, no tricks – just a simple trade-up for a free bag of  Canidae/Felidae All Natural Holistic Pet Food!

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