They’re Here! Ghost Pepper Plants!

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World’s Hottest Chili Pepper! 

Local and organically grown Bhut Jolokia Pepper plants

Available now at Earth Pets Organic Feed & Garden

In 2007, Guinness World Book of Records named this the “Hottest Pepper” In the World!

Growing the Bhut jolokia

Ghost pepper is pretty easy to grow here. In its native India it enjoys the heat and humidity so it is not too difficult to make it happy growing in Florida. Elsewhere it might do best in greenhouse conditions. Dry conditions seem to decrease the production of capsaicin (the ingredient that causes the hot-burning sensation) in the fruit.

Give Bhut jolokia plenty of room to grow, especially if you plant it in the ground. These chili peppers can grow to 5′ high by 5′ wide in ideal conditions. Ghost chili may be grown in pots, but this limits the size to which the plant can ultimately grow. Fertilize regularly with a fish-based fertilizer. Keep the plants well watered and grow in full sun.


The pepper is used as a spice in food or eaten alone. Bhut jolokia has a fruity pepper smell and taste with a persistent smell of capsaicin. One seed from a Bhut Jolokia can sustain intense pain sensations in the mouth for up to 30 minutes before subsiding. Most of the heat of these peppers is concentrated in the fleshy part of the fruit around the seeds and up around the stem. They can be used fresh, dried or in powdered form to make very spicy cuisines.


Extreme care should be taken when ingesting the pepper and its seeds. Take small nibbles first to judge your particular tolerance to the pepper’s heat. These little devils are called “Ghost Chili” or “Ghost Pepper” because if you were to pop a whole one in your mouth and eat it, you could feel like a ghost or wish you were dead. Use caution when handling them (gloves are highly recommended) especially when chopping or cutting the fruit since the oleoresin of the chilies will stick well to your hands. Rubbing your eyes or nose after handling the peppers may transfer the oleoresin to sensitive body parts and open up a new world of long lasting burning sensations and pain in those areas. No fooling, these little beauties are beastly HOT!

Various sized plants available.  Prices range from $8-$14

** Available now but selling fast! **

Earth Pets Organic Feed & Garden

404 NW 10th Avenue  Gainesville, Florida 32601

(352) 377-1100

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  1. Hi Tim, we just got in more ghost peppers plants. Come by and see us at 404 NW 10th avenue in Gainesville. Thanks! ~ Joy


  2. Posted by tim on October 27, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    hey im looking to buy some ghost peppers to grow can you help me out


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