New! Happy Frog Organic Garden Care

Fox Farm Happy Frog Fertilizers

Fox Farm is a group of dedicated gardeners who are making a difference in how we treat the Earth and each other. Using Happy Frog in your own backyard allows you to make a conscientious choice to improve the environmental well being of the garden, your family and generations yet to come.

Enriching the soil first is the foundation of organic gardening. Happy Frog works in harmony with nature to gently provide nutrition over time as well as it encourages millions of beneficial soil microbes to flourish. These microorganisms help convert the organic fertilizers into food that is immediately available to plants. Shrubs and flowers will have robust vitality, enhanced color, and become more disease resistant. Happy Frog enhances fruit and vegetable production creating higher yields, sweeter flavor and brings more nutrition to your table.

Home gardeners and farmers alike are enjoying the benefits of organic gardening. Happy Frog pioneers the way for superior organic gardening products with ultra potent, biologically active blends of the finest natural fertilizers on Earth. Fox Farm extensively tests every ingredient in its state of the art greenhouse operation to ensure you get spectacular results, every time!

Happy Frog Organic Fertilizers are specifically formulated to replenish the soil, lift the human spirit and beautify the Earth, naturally. Bring your plants to life!

Happy Frog contains powerful root stimulates called mycorrhizae fungi. Mycorrhizae occur naturally in forest soils where the humus content is high and the soil is thriving with microbial life. Once in contact with the plant’s root system, mycorrhizae go to work right away colonizing directly onto the roots. This activity dramatically expands both primary and secondary root development enabling the plant to take up more nutrients. The benefits of Happy Frog are enhanced fruit and flower production.

Happy Frog also contains Humic Acid, a naturally occurring organic material that is extracted from Leonardite. Humic Acid is found in certain soils, coals and peat resulting from the decomposition of organic matter. Humic Acid aids in seed germination and may increase micronutrient uptake.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Is Happy Frog available in Australia?


  2. Always willing to try out new things in my garden, and this is quite new to me! Thanks for posting this article; it’ll be great help!


  3. nice article, very usefull for me thanks…
    go green…


  4. Posted by Marni on February 14, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    Awesome!!! Now if it would just warm up a bit…. 🙂


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