No Kill Shelter Needs Bottled Water

No Kill Shelter’s well water is contaminated with Arsenic!

We just received this email from the We Care For Paws Foundation in Hernando County.  This wonderful rescue organization is in trouble; they need safe drinking water for the animals in their care.  We’re going to try to get our water company to donate toward the effort.   I will call them today to see if donations from the Gainesville area can be picked up.  If so, we can use our store as a drop-off point if anyone wants to donate water for the volunteers to pick up.

The We Care For Paws Foundation needs some help.  Will you please help spread the word?
Six years ago, the We Care For Paws Foundation decided to open an animal sanctuary in rural Hernando County.  This past week, we were notified by the Department of Environmental Protection in Tallahassee that our well is contaminated  with Arsenic.  The level of contamination is 0.23 mg/L.  This means we cannot drink this water.  We were provided with coupons for 30 3 liter bottles of Zephyrhills water.  While this is generous in most situations, it is not in ours.  It takes more than that to provide water for the animals for one day.
The Florida EPA is going to have the water retested.  Once that is done, it is my understanding that a filtering system will be placed on the well and the water will be retested every 3 months.   This is a continuing process with no time line provided.
We are a small, underfunded, TRUE NO KILL sanctuary.  We take the animals nobody else wants due to personality, medical, and other issues.  They are rehabilitated and found homes wherever possible.  If no suitable home is available, they stay forever and the sanctuary becomes the forever home.  We do euthanize but only when the animal is in pain and the pain cannot be eliminated.  When it becomes necessary to help an animals to the rainbow bridge, we make every effort to be with them, hold them and wrap them in a blanket for their trip to Anderson McQueen for cremation.
We operate with donations only.  There is no way we can provide water for the animals without the help from people like you and other like minded individuals.  Not providing safe water is not an acceptable option. We have had numerous problems with the animals over the past six years.  Some unexplained which continue to this day.  I personally have health issues related to the contaminated water .  It was through the elimination of all possibilities that this contamination was uncovered.  It is going to take time and resources to decontaminate the animals.
Well Site ID is 270094301
I am asking for your help in getting the word out.  We are in desperate need of bottled water and funds to treat the animals.  All donations are tax deductable.  Donation can be mailed to our mailing address:
We Care For Paws Foundation
6822-22nd Ave N #125
St Petersburg,FL 33710
Call me for pickup of bottled water.  I travel from Brooksville to St Petersburg, Monday through Friday.  I can go anywhere on most weekends.
My cell phone number is727-798-1037
We have a paypal account for email address:
Our tax ID is 59-3502200
Our Department of Agriculture Information is below:
Business Name WE CARE FOR PAWS FOUNDATION (Charitable Organization)
Registration Number CH14666
Registration Expiration Date 10/25/2009
Revenue Source DCS Report Form (03/31/2008)
Total Revenue $20,718.00
Program Services Cost $20,440.00 (99% of Total Expenses)
Administrative Cost $155.00 (1% of Total Expenses)
Fund-Raising Cost $0.00 (0% of Total Expenses)
Payment to Affiliates $0.00 (0% of Total Expenses)
Total Expenses $20,595.00
Surplus/Deficit $123.00
Thank you so much for your assistance!
For the Animals.
Carol Allard
We Care For Paws Foundation

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