Chicken Brag!

Okay, usually we’re bragging about our four-legged friends (truly our best friends!) but how often do those of us with chickens get to brag about our feathery friends?

Chickens may seem like an odd choice for a pet but they can be very engaging, friendly and entertaining….and they pay their way with fresh eggs, pest control and fertilizer for your garden!  We love our backyard chickens and are amazed at how much personality they have; they are surprisingly smart.  Right now, we have 14 chickens; all have names and spend their days free ranging our two acre yard.  They love roosting in the huge fig tree and have a strange fascination with the empty fire pit (maybe there are extra bugs underneath the old ashes?).  At night, they put themselves to bed in their coop along with the rabbits, goats and ducklings.

We want to hear from others with chickens!  Do you have backyard hens?  Are they laying eggs?  What breeds do you have?  What are their personalities like?  Do they have names?  What’s your favorite thing about keeping chickens?  We want to know!  …..and send photos if you can!

Here’s a pic of one of our chickens as a baby.  She was an orphan and Charlie the goat took her in as his own.  She rode around on his head and back for a month when she was tiny like this.  Charlie kept her safe from the bigger hens until she was old enough to stand up for herself!  🙂


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