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Drink Good Wine – Save Good Animals!

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We’ve discovered yet another fun way to help homeless pets!  What could be better than drinking a great bottle of wine while helping save a life?  

Beginning this holiday season, Earth Pets will become the first local pet supply store offering fine wines for people who love pets!

To start, we will be offering wine from Cru Vin Dogs, the featured wine of the recently-filmed American Humane Society Hero Dog Awards judged by dog-loving celebrities like Betty White and Whoopie Goldberg.

Additional offerings will include Vicktory Dog wine and Mutt Lynch wine.

Vicktory Dog wine is a signature collection featuring colorful portraits of 22 dogs confiscated from Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels that now live at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in southern Utah.  The wine company is dedicated to raising funds to oppose dog fighting around the country and to fight laws that target specific dog breeds.

From sales of their award-winning fine wines, Mutt Lynch Winery donates a large portion of their proceeds to organizations dear to our hearts including Adopt-a-Pet, BAD RAP, and Canine Companions for Independence.

Only at Earth Pets 404 NW 10th Avenue in Gainesville

They’re Here! Organic Heirloom Seeds for Fall Planting

We are so proud to offer our community a great selection of organic open-pollinated heirloom seeds from the good folks at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange!
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (SESE) is a small worker-owned and worker-run seed company specializing in organic open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.  The seed company started in 1982 as an outgrowth of a love affair with heirloom varieties and in seed saving. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange had its beginning in a small family garden and a kitchen co-opted for seed processing. The kitchen garden has since expanded to numerous growing areas supplemented by a nationwide seed grower network. Now the seed company has its own office, germination testing facility, and environmentally controlled seed storage areas. From the beginning they have believed that the seed company serves: (1) as a source for new, high performance varieties, and (2) most importantly, as a preservation tool for collecting and distributing varieties with special qualities: varieties with heritage, flavor, disease resistance, or other qualities of interest to gardeners.

Check out these photos of some of the organic, heirloom veggies you can grow from the SESE seeds we currently have in-stock at Earth Pets Organic for fall planting

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WOOFSTOCK 2011 – Featuring Paws on Parole!

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For a real happenin’ scene, come to Earth Pets Organic this Saturday! Join us for a day of Peace, Paws & Music featuring the PAWS ON PAROLE 16th Academy!

Enjoy some groovy 60’s music, scarf some really good food and meet the far out dogs from Paws on Parole!

The party is Saturday 10am-5pm – but get there early because the Paws on Parole dogs will be splittin’ the scene at 1pm!

Be there or be square!


Walter’s Addiction to the Furminator

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This is our store cat Walter. 

This is a Furminator.

Walter LOVES being brushed with the Furminator…but sometimes we’re too busy with customers to accommodate Walter and his Furminator addiction.

This is a series of photos of Walter trying to figure out how to brush himself with the Furminator.  Enjoy 🙂

Save Big at Earth Pets Organic during the Tax-Free Shopping Holiday

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But shouldn’t pet lovers get a tax-free shopping holiday for their pet food & supplies?  We think so!  When we tried to offer a tax-free shopping day to our customers, the Florida Department of Revenue told us NO.   Apparently, Florida law prohibits us from offering to pay sales tax for our customers.  So instead, we decided that, in honor of Florida’s annual Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday, we will offer a store-wide discount to reduce our customer’s purchase price by the amount they would normally pay in sales tax.

This gives you an opportunity to get the same great savings you would if pet food & supplies were included in Florida’s Tax-Free Shopping Holiday.

And so here it is, a one day sale only at Earth Pets Organic Feed & Garden.

Come See us to Stock Up & Save!

Printable Coupon: Donate a Toy to a Shelter Cat!

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